Compilation Mix - Lotus Chillout Volume 1

68:59 minute promotional live ambient dj mix co-released with Chill Factor Records.  Limited to 1,000 copies.  Three-track mix disc by San Diego DJ David Applegate.  Tracks break down thusly:
31:06[part one]
  0:33[the link]
37:18[part two]
Released with a thick cardboard cover fold with “Not for commercial sale For promotional use only” printed on the back.


sound effect record

Tibetan Ritual Music-Myths 1

Werkbund-Unter der Stadt 3

Turkish Dervishes- Myths 4

Hafler trio-Inoutof

Chris & Cosey- Elemental 7

Graeme Revelle-A Bead to a Small Mouth

Thomas Koner-Teimo


Chris & Cosey-Elemental 7

Zoviet France-Shadow, Thief of the Sun

Chris & COsey- Elemental 7

G Connection- Free Your Spirit

Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musik

Fuse- Into the Space

KLF - What Time is Love

Hafler Trio -Inoutof

Spectrum - Soul Kiss

Sisterlove - Hypnotist

Lovecraft - Intelligent Universe

Stereolab - Super Falling Star (moog mix)

G.P-Orridge/Dave Ball - Decoder Soundtrack

Nocturnal Emissions - Stoneface

Primal Scream - Higher than the Sun

Nocturnal Emissions - Stoneface

Totoal running time: 68:59

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