Hopefully you will find this a very useful and informitive section to the site.  I have spent over a year researching this section.  Amazingly, attempting to piece together a complete Silent Records discography has proved very difficult and at times frustrating.  All my effort is listed in these pages.  This section allows you to see the releases in a variety of different ways. 
Links to individual pages for each release are included.  These pages include a cover scan, track listing, track times, catalog number and may also include other information.  If you would rather just scroll through each release page, click on the first release from the Catalog Page and use the left and right arrows.  It is a great way to view the brilliance of Silent Records!
Please note that the navigation buttons on the left have changed to allow you access to the different searches within this section.  To return to the other sections, please use the Home button. 

Catalog:  This provides a complete list, in senquential order, of the entire Silent Records discography including the imprints and co-releases.

Label: This breaks the releases down by label and sublabel.  Separate tables can be viewed for Silent (main label), Flask, Furnace, Pulse Soniq, Sulphur, and co-releases.

Artist: Browse by artist.  A great way to see the artists responsible for the music behind Silent Records.

Project: Many artists released more than one album or were also included on compilations.  This section groups releases by the project name.

Cover:  Here you will be able to view small thumbnails of each Silent cover.  Links to the release pages will be attached.

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