These links were originally created for my own research and use.  Because they are an invaluable resource to me, I assume they may also benefit anyone interested in Silent Records.  To help keep things simple, I have separated the links into different categories.  Although many of these links are also listed in the Artists section of this site, I feel having these resources available from one source is very benificial.

Silent Artists:

Don Falcone - Spirits Burning Page

Don Falcone - spaceship eyes page

Don Falcone - quiet celebration page

David Myers (Arcane Device)

Andy Frith

Dominic (Arthur Dent) - snurp site

Dominic (Arthur Dent) - modularset site

Adam Douglas (Deeper Than Space, 303 Terrorists, Flask Records

David Moufang (Earth to Infinity) - Source Records

David Moufang (Earth to Infinity) - obsolete site

David Moufang (Earth to Infinity) - besonic

David Moufang (Earth to Infinity) - besonic move d

Dan Burke (Illusion of Safety)

Dan Burke - photo exhibition, April, 2003

Dan Burke - Illusion of Safety page

Saru (Apollo)

Nick Philip

Nick Kelly (E.T.I.) - respect recordings site

Nick Kelly )E.T.I.) - eyecon site

Ted Adams (Mild Seven International)

Gio (Makyo)

Michael Mantra - mailto: link

Ambient Temple of Imagination

seofon (a.t.o.i.) - zeropoint

seofon (a.t.o.i.) - boxmanstudies

John C. Lilly

Kim Cascone (anechoic site)

Kim Cascone’s page on the wonderful fallt site

Kim Cascone - cognition site - info. and interview by Andrew Duke

Kim Cascone - ambientrance interview

Larry Thrasher

Other Silent Resources:

Wolf’s Kompaktkiste - a fantastic resource for ambient and electronic music (includes a Silent Records page with a complete listing of CD releases up until Kim sold the label.

Sleepbot - includes a small Silent page with links to a few artist pages and .mpeg downloads

Furnace Records - old site devoted to the Silent Records imprint

Silent’s ASCII Summer 1995 Catalog - downloaded from the original Silent website

Softwatch - includes an incomplete discography

Fusion Anomaly - Includes a Silent section - a Russian page tha tincludes an early Silent catalog

archival - (includes 9 links to various Silent information/reviews pages downloaded from other sites) - Silent page, includes incomplete discography and some links

Friends and other ambient resources: - A growing collective of Ambient Music, Artists, DJ’s and more

12k - Did you know that this popular collector’s electronic music label was started by Taylor Deupree out of his disgust with Silent Records’ inability to release his album ‘thesecretnumbertwelve’?  It’s true!

hyperreal - one of the original and most famous newsgroups in the world!  many ambient collectors and Silent fans can be found here!

Swinging Axe  - Randy Grief's site... he always has Silent disks up for sale and great prices

Wind and Wire  - A website for the fan of Contemporary Instrumental Music

the microsound list, going strong - Kim Cascone was one of the founders

ambientrance - great website devoted to spreading the word about ambient, electronic, experimental and plenty of etc.

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