Added SR9447 to the catalog page! This vinyl release has eluded me for 3 years. Finally got my hands on a copy from the UK. DTS - Future Blissed image and information are now available!


Added the original Silent Records web site (kindly provided by Kim Cascone). Note - all dead links and obsolete information have been removed. This should be used for archival purposes only.


Added the Greg Kyryluk (Alpha Wave Movement) artist page with special interview.  Added the Andy Rantzen (Pelican Daughters) page with special interview with Andy Rantzen and Justin Brandis of Pelican Daughters.  Added the Paul Bambury (Trancendental Anarchists) page with special interview.  Added FU9330 (Deus Ex Machina), SR9339 (Lotus Chill Out promo) and SR9733 (Tim “Love” Lee - Badder Bongo EP) to the Catalog and covers pages.  Created release pages for FU9330, SR9339, and SR9733.  Updated track listing for SR9327 (68000 - Xpansion EP).  Corrected Catalog numbers for SRFAD01 (Silent Mix 1) and SR9894 (So Far compilation).  Many other corrections throughout.  Getting ready for the Silent Records radio special on KKUP.


Added the Arthur Dent ( Dominic Cramp ) artist page.  Updated the Sales page.  The Silent Records radio special is being worked out.  News of this show will be posted here soon!


Added Deus Ex Machina (SR9330) to the Catalog as an unverified release.  Added 2 items to the Ephemera page.


Added E-Sassin - Soundstorm 12” (SR9724) to the release pages and catalog.  Added the ultra rare SoFar compilation to the release pages and catalog.  Added 4 items to the Ephemera page.  Finally added a Sale page to make available for purchase many Silent releases!


Finished the Kathleen Cascone page.


Just verified with Don Falcone that I will be doing a Silent Records Special online radio program with Don and Kim Cascone on February 22nd.  Details will be posted here soon!


Finished the Rod Modell (Waveform Transmission) bio, interview and discography.


Finished SR9327 and SR9580.  Updated the catalog pages to reflect the change of 68000 - Xpansion EP from SR9222 to SR9327.


Finally finished the Larry Thrasher page.  Check out that interview!!


It’s kinda’ cool how things happen.  Today, while rummaging around in the bargain bin at a used CD store, I ran across a CD that had a cover that “looked like” Silent may have released it.  Sure enough... on the back cover, the familar SR catalog number!  So, Metabass ‘N’ Breath (SR9729) has been added to the catalog!  Also, David Myers (Arcane Device) artist page has been added.


Added Adam Douglas artist page.  Made more corrections to the site... more interviews on the way and a previously unknown and very rare release to be added to the catalog soon!


Added Tim Hendricks/23 Degrees page.  Made corrections to the Catalog pages and Ted Adams page.  Added David Moufang page.  Added Chris Meloche page.


Added Legion of Green Men - Time Tunnel (SR97111) and User - Habit Form (SR9723) to the release pages.  Work continues on the new artist pages.


Added Spesh Spins Trip N Spin (SR9725) to the catalog pages and release page.


Finished the Releases by cover page... added more links to the link page.  Finished the Dan Burke / Illusion of Safety page.


Received copies of and created release pages for Legion of Green Men - Midnight Genius and The Haters - In the Shade of Fire (SR8601).  Interesting discoveries.  Early discographies list The Haters LP as SR8603, which would correspond to the Silent numbering system.  Upon examining the vinyl, I realized that the original catalog number was SR8601.  I have changed the catalog to reflect this.  I have also received a package from Seofon including Silent press clippings and reviews.  These will be incorporated into the Ephemera section.  Thank you Seofon!!  Started work on a Links page which includes links to Silent artists, other Silent resources, and links that I have found useful.  More artist pages on the way and (hopefully) some big news around the corner...


Updated the Releases by Label page. 


Added Artist pages for Ted Adams (Mild Seven International) and Gio (Makyo) including interviews.


Added The Silent Mix V.2 (SR9596) to the Catalog and Releases.  This is a great find!


A new year!  Thank you Seofon for all your help!  Added two new artist pages (Seofon and Michael amantra).  I picked up some non Silent release by Silent artists (Rod Modell and Michael Mantra) and am blown away by these recordings.  I am in awe of this talent.  Too bad Silent folded when it did.  Found out about an unknown release - The Silent Mix V.2 - waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

12.24.2002 - 12.29.2002

Added the first completed Artist page for Don Falcone!  Cleaned up all the Releases pages.  Added tracks to SR9580 page (thanks Nick).  Added postcard from the original Silent Records website to the Ephemera section (thanks Kim).  Also, thank you to all who responded to me regarding the site - your suggestions and thoughts are appreciated.  Found that this site is being liked to from Don Falcone’s site and Saru’s site.  Will work on a separate link page here... I think that will be useful.  More interviews came in - work on the Artists section continues.


Added Endlessnessism (SR9843).  Also found Silent catalog numbers in the UPC code for a few missing titles!!  This brings a few things to light.  The catalog is coming together...


Lots of changes and additions today.  Shrunk the releases pages.  Added Symbiosis (SR9837) to the Catalog and Releases pages - can’t stop listening to it... very very good - where was I when this came out?  Received in the mail and added PGR/Thessalonians (SR8905), Jondi & Spesh (SR9222), V/A - Combine (SR9714), Astral Matrix (SR9718), and Abstinence (SR9468) which was previously unknown to me AND it includes a Heavenly Music Remix!  Also received a couple more interviews back... must get cracking on the Artist pages!


Added the ability to search the catalog by Project.  Got this brilliant idea from the site.


Added the Sale page and linked it to Paypal Shopping Cart.


Added Drum Kick (SR9710), The Darkhorse EP (SR9717), David Kristian (SR9715), Mammal (SR9711), Metabass’N’Breath (SR9721), Krispy (SR9728), Bad Breaks (SR9709) and E-Sassin (SR9730) to my collection, Catalog and release pages.


Added Jondi & Spesh - Tube Drivers (SR9838) and Westside Chemical Phibsborough (SR9732)  to the Catalog and release pages.  Added track information for Unidentified Floating Ambience (SR9454).  Added track times for Tim “Love” Lee - Confessions of a Selector (SR9726).


Re-added 68000 - Expansion 12” (SR9222) to the Catalog.  Added Antar - Paradise Cafe (SR9461) to the Catalog.  Finished the Silent History page.  Decided to include releases that have not been substantiated in the hopes that a visitor to the site might be able to help.


Added Lower Haight High Hitters - House Demon (SR9716) to the Catalog.


Added Combine Compilation (SR9714), Astral Matrix - Number 6 (SR9718), Darkhorse - Darkhorse EP (SR9717) and Weir - Laptop EP (SR9834) to the Catalog.


Added Jondi & Spesh - We Are Connected EP (SR9722) to the Catalog.


Added East Bay Conspiracy EP (SR9713) and Apollo (SR9446) to the Catalog and release pages.  I can’t stop listening to Apollo’s “All My Love” - brilliant!


Added DTS - Future Blissed 12” (SR9447) to the Catalog.


Added this page.  Added Guest Book page.

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