Peter Becker dj BPM/0, Freezer - The Silent Mix V.2

A continuous DJ mix of material from the Silent Records catalog.  Promo Only Release





Michael Redolfi - Immersion Total



VALIS - Amniotica (safe as milk)



PGR - Pythagorean Sea



Makyo - Mahakala



Trancendental Anarchists - Epiphany



Vuemorph - Man At E



Heavenly Music Corporation - St. Giga



Alaura - Existence of Ecstacy



23 Degrees - The Start of an Unfinished Chain Reaction



Ohmega Tribe - Nadir



Ray Guillette - Piscina



ATOI / Freezer - The Philosophy of Ergot


excerpts interspersed by
Michael Mantra - Sonic Alter
Illusion of Safety - Water Seeks Itís Own Level
John C. Lilly - ECCO

Total Running Time:69:08

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