Mark Riva’s Metagrooves - The Silent Mix

70:04 minute dj mix featurning Silent Records’ artists.  Co-released with FAD Magazine.  Given away with FAD Magazine and with orders placed through the Silent Website.

** NOTE: Based on the time of release, it is probable that this release was given the Catalog Number SR9453.





Solitaire - In the Forest of Ancient Light



Heavenly Music Corporation - Ambient to be Here



Heavenly Music Corporation - The Quiet Mind



Spice Barons - Spice of God



Horizon 222 - Spirit Level



Ultraviolet Catastrophe - Full Moon (Crescent Mix)



Cosmic Breeze - Carrying Galaxies



Deeper Than Space - Deeper Than Love



Heavenly Music Corporation - Beautiful Dream



H2O - Undersea



Deeper Than Space - Spaceship Melody



Jorge Reyes - Tejido De Sueno’s (Cola de Venado)



Heavenly Music Corporation - In a Garden of Eden


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