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When you think of Flask Records, you must also think of Adam Douglas (along with Thad Jones, Darren Cutlip and Dominic Cramp).  Started as an offshoot of Silent Records, Flask evolved from the desire to further explore the San Francisco Rave and Chill-out scene, which was flourishing during the mid 1990's.  In 1993, the first Flask imprint was released.  199303 (SR9337), with it's title's nod to the classic Rowland techno machine was a "collection of technologically advanced trax" compiled by Adam Douglas and Thad Jones.  It featured techno and acid artists from the San Francisco bay area.  The next release was an acid house vinyl 12" of Darren's 303 Terrorist project called "Unauthorized Acid" (SR9338). The 199303 compilation was followed by another Douglas/Jones collection in 1994 - Brilliance for a Better Future and included 2 more Adam Douglas tracks.  Touted as having been "created in the hi-tech computerland of Silicon Valley" the CD was "a sign post in the technological continuum of 'state of the art' sounds, resulting in an infectious collection of lo-fi intelligent techno.  These early Flask releases showcased the burgeoning and very exciting Rave scene in San Francisco.  Silent's involvement in this scene was beginning to grow and the fruits would begin to show with the next Flask release. 

The first full-length CD released on Flask was Deeper Than Space - Earthrise (SR9344), conceived and channeled by Adam Douglas after experiencing UFO sightings and alien contact during the summer of 1993.  This CD created "an ambient epic of trance inducing bliss."  It summed up what was happening in the chill-rooms across the SF bay area.  Ambient and ambient trance had found it's home in chill rooms in clubs like The Trocadero and Ambient Jungle and Silent/Flask was there to capture the vibe. Deeper Than Space's single "Spaceship Melody" was released in a double vinyl format, including images of aliens and UFO's.  These remixes (including a Heavenly Music Corporation remix) became hugely popular and received heavy rotation in DJ sets across the bay.

Adam Douglas released two more Deeper Than Space CDs, a 12" Single and appeared on Dreams Without Number's Logarithmic CD.  Since Silent folded Adam has released a number of breaks releases under the name Kemek the Dope Computer.  Moving from San Francisco to LA in 2001, Adam Douglas launched Dope Computer Records. He continues to record music and has a number of releases planned. He can still be found DJing and a new label, Roke Records, is now online.

Adam Douglas Discography

Deeper Than Space - Earthrise, Silent/Flask Records, 1993 Arthur Dent and Deeper than Space - Drift, Silent/Flask, 1994
Deeper Than Space - Current, Silent/Flask, 1995

Tracks on other CDs:
303 Terrorists - “Synthetic” on 199303 compilation, Silent/Flask, 1993
303 Terrorists - “Spy Satellite” on 199303 compilation, Silent/Flask, 1993
303 Terrorists Vs. DTS - "Space Capsule" on Brilliance for a Better Future compilation, Silent/Flask, 1994
 Liquid Nitrogen - "Linear Accelerator" on Brilliance for a Better Future compilation, Silent/Flask, 1994
Gundam - "Dark Victory" on Bad Breaks 12” EP, XLR8R Records, 1997
Kemek the Dope Computer - “Future Modular" on Play It Rough 2, Airdog, ?
Kemek the Dope Computer - "Let Yourself Go" on Hyper: Bedrock Breaks 2, Bedrock, ?

303 Terrorists - Unauthorized Acid EP, Silent Records, 1993
DTS - Future Blissed EP, Flask/Silent Records, 1993
Deeper Than Space - Spaceship Melody Remixes, Flask/Silent Records, 1994/1995 (CD and 2x12")
Kemek the Dope Computer - Future Modular/Are You Now?, Dope Computer Records, ?
Kemek the Dope Computer - Angel Dust/Room To Breathe, Muti Music, ?
Kemek the Dope Computer - Remixing the Dope Computer, Muti Music, ?
Kemek the Dope Computer - The Noise, Sponge Records, ?
Kemek the Dope Computer - Future Modular Remixes, Roke Records, ?
Son of the Dope Computer - Deeper/Starve 4 This, Roke Vs Bless, ?

Man 'O'War - The Sting (Kemek the Dope Computer's Old Skool Remix, Sponge Records, ?
Loes Lee and Meneate - Territory (Kemek the Dope Computer's Uptown Throwdown Remix), Moving Target, ?
Authors of Streetolog - Fraud'star (Kemek Vs Tangent Mix), Sponge, ?


Silent Release

Silent Release

Silent Release

Silent Release

Special interview with
Adam Douglas

How did you meet Kim Cascone and get involved with Silent Records?

That's actually a great story. I was doing the rave scene pretty hard in 92.  My friend, Thad Jones, and I had a project we called 303 Terrorists. It was real basic: just a 707, a 303, and a delay pedal. We made a cassette demo and gave it away at raves. My friend had one and traded it for a hat at a rave. The guy played it for his girlfriend, who worked at Silent, who brought it in and played it for Kim. He called me up and we started working together.

Briefly describe the "ambient" scene during the times you were putting out material for Silent.

It was pretty cool. A lot of really good music was released in a pretty brief time. It was very psychedelic and forward-thinking. Unfortunately a lot of that music is essentially lost, no one is really listening to that any more. Maybe in five years or so there'll be an ambient revival and people will begin to uncover this trasure trove of amazing music.

How has it changed?

There's some good ambient (Stars of the Lid comes to mind) but most of it is part of the glitch scene. While cool, most of this is, I think, less conducive to trancing out. I've always been a fan of drones and I miss that.

Is there any unreleased material from the Silent period?

Yes, there's a full-length piece by Arthur Dent and Deeper Than Space that never came out called "Chindogu." It's around 70 minutes. It's a lot like "Drift."

What is your favorite Silent release?

I'm really proud of "Brilliance For A Better Future," the compilation of Bay Area artists that I put together. It's got my all-time favorite Astral Matrix song on it, "2012."

Any plans on re-releasing the Silent material?

If someone wants to reissue Sonic Alter, that would be nice.

What are you up to now?

I do nuskool breaks under the name Kemek the Dope Computer. I've got two records out so far and have about 10 on the way on various labels, including Whole 9 Yards and Sponge.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I guess not.  :)

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