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David Moufang has recorded some of the greatest electronic music ever.  An important staple of the genre, David Moufang hardly needs an introduction.  If you aren't familiar with the name David Moufang, maybe you have heard of one or more of his other projects: Deep Space Network, Earth to Infinity, Reagenz, Koolfang, Conjoint, and of course Move D.  The labels he has released material for read like a who's who of ambient music: FAX, Instinct, Reflective, Source, Rising High, Beyond, Elektrolux, Astralwerks, Warp and many more.  One of the most prolific Silent Records artists, he is arguably best known for his many releases for FAX Records, however, his releases with Jonas Grossmann under the name Deep Space Network and his material released on his very own Source Records make a valid argument.  He has recorded with Pete Namlook, Jonah Sharp, Dr. Atmo, Thomas Meniecke, Bobbi Bird of Higher Intelligence Agency and more! 

Born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany, and influenced by Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and "2001: A Space Odyssey" it is easy to see why David Moufang became the influential artist he is today.  Before recording his special brand of ambient techno, David spent time playing drums and guitar as well as spinning electro, funk and jazz as a DJ in Germany.  When he walked into the Milk Club (a dance club in Mannheim) during a Techno night, Moufang first heard Detroit techno, and he immediately became a committed clubber and soon after changed his nickname to Move D.  Shortly after, Moufang released his first records with Jonah Grossmann under the name Deep Space Network.  Interestingly, and not known to many, Earth to Infinity (Source/Silent) is actually the first Deep Space Network album.  Unable to fit into any one particular genre of electronic music, David Moufang brings in elements of Detroit techno, electronic jazz and laid-back ambient grooves.  He maintains a top position as a member of the experimental German techno scene.  Regarding Move D - "This is the soundtrack for sci-fi films of your dreams, the sound of Derrick May making music at zero gravity or Mr. Fingers recording on a water bed full of strawberries."  "...creates the perfect techno testament!...far too sexy to be classified at all." - Mixmag Magazine

David Moufang Discography


Deep Space Network - Big Rooms, Source Records, 1993
Deep Space Network - Earth to Infinity, Source Records, 1993
Earth to Infinity - Earth to Infinity, Silent Records, 1994
Deep Space Network - Big Rooms, Instinct Records, 1994
Reagenz (with Jonah Sharp) - Reagenz, Source Records, 1994
Reagenz (with Jonah Sharp) - Reagenz, Reflective Records, 1994
Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network - i.f., FAX Records, 1994
Dr. Atmo & Deep Space Network - i.f. 2, FAX Records, 1994
Koolfang - Jambient, FAX Records, 1995
Koolfang - Gig In the Sky, FAX Records, 1995
David Moufang - Solitaire, FAX Records, 1995
Move D - Kunststoff, Source Records, 1995
Deep Space Network - Traffic, km 20, km2001, 1996
Move D & Pete Namlook - Exploring the Psychedelic Landscape, FAX Records, 1996
Move D - Cymbelin, Warp Records, 1996
Deep Space Network Meets Higher Intelligence Agency, Source Records, 1997
Move D & Pete Namlook - A Day In the Live!, FAX Records, 1997
Deep Space Network - Traffic / dsn live '95, mp3.com, 1999
Move D & Thomas Meniecke - Tomboy / Freud's Baby, Intermedium Recordings/Indigo, 1999
Move D & Pete Namlook - The Retro Rocket, FAX Records, 1999
Conjoint - Earprints, Source Records, 2000
Move D & Pete Namlook - Wired, FAX Records, 2001
Move D & Pete Namlook - Live In Heidelberg 2001, FAX Records, 2001

Tracks on other CDs:
Earth to Infinity - "Clavius" on Tontrager Fur Synapsenmassage (2XCD), Gaia, 1993
Deep Space Network - "Ten Waves (live ast xs)" on Chill Out or Die II, Rising High, 1994
Deep Space Network - "Zenn La" on Chill Out Phase Two (2XCD), Instinct, 1994
Deep Space Network - "Gluon" on Headshop, Source Records, 1994
Deep Space Network - "a la pulpe d'orange" on Headshop, Source Records, 1994
Deep Space Network - "Nothin Is" on The State of e-motion, Volume 1, e-motion, 1994
Deep Space Network feat. sivamani, steff bollack, g.o.d. & redagain p. - "earth to infinity performance: intro · part i · part ii · outro" on Best of XS Replugged, FAX Records, 1994
Move D - "Amazing Discoveries" on Synoptics, A Reflective Compliation, Reflective Records, 1994
Reagenz - "ä" on Synoptics, A Reflective Compliation, Reflective Records, 1994
Deep Space Network - "Callacop" on Ambient Dub IV - Jellyfish, Beyond, 1995
Deep Space Network - "Eleven Bars" on Ambient Systems (2XCD), Instinct Ambient, AMB002, 1995
Deep Space Network - "Earth Interlock" on Interference Live at the Love Parade '94, Interference, 1995
Move D - "Makes You Move" on Trance Europe Express 4 (2XCD), Volume TEEX,, 1995
Solitaire - "In/Out" on Fax Compilation II, FAX Records, 1995 (re-released on Instinct)
Move D - "Amazing Discoveries" on Freezone 2 - Variations on a Chill (2XCD), SSR Freezone / Crammed Discs, 1995
Deep Space Network - "Eleven Bars" on Amberdelic Space (4XCD) comp, Dressed to Kill, 1996
Move D - "Soap Bubbles (Bionaut Remix)" on Battery Park, Doppel Album Harvest, 1996
Koolfang (with Pete Namlook) - "Fusonics" on Genetic Drift (2XCD), FAX Records, 1996
Move D - "Amazing Discoveries" on Spacenight II, Eastwest / Elektrolux, 1996
Deep Space Network - "Snow Bunker" on Berlin Unwrapped (2XCD), Volume, 1996
Move D - "Hurt Me" on The Future Sound of Jazz, Vol. 3, Compost Records, 1997
Deep Space Network meets Higher Intellegence Agency - "Chai" on Der Alchemistische Kongress (2XCD), Bochumer Ton Manufaktur, 1999
Move D - "Archer" on heimelektro ulm pupular serie teil 1+2 (2XCD), heimelektro ulm, 2000
Move D - "Flashback" on Hotze - The Original Comic Book Soundtrack, hörspielmusik, 2000
Move D - "Code 69" on Neue Berliner Initiative Sampler, Neue Berliner Initiative, 2001
Move D - "Cacao Facil" on Intermission comp, Plug Research, 2001
Move D - "Tar Funk" on opensource.players, Source Records, 2001
Move D - "Beyond the Machine" on Lush Life Electronica, Palm Pictures / Quango, 2001
Move D & Pete Namlook - "False Decodings" on The Ambient Cookbook II (4XCD), FAX Records, 2002
Koolfang (with Pete Namlook) - "Counter" on The Ambient Cookbook II 4XCD), FAX Records, 2002
Move D - "µst" on opensource.code, Source Records, 2002
Move D - "Downtime" on Simulus comp, Psychonavigation, 2002
Move D - "5 Eastman" on State of the Art 3+4, Groove Kissing, ?


Sensorama - "zu gast auf der welcome insel echtzeit" (move d remix), Ladomat, 1996
Spacetime Continuum - "remit recaps twister" (move-d mix), Reflective Records, 1996 (re-released on Astralwerks)
Spacetime Continuum - "Subway" (move d. remix) on the Freelon 12", Astralwerks, 1996
Spacetime Continuum - "Subway" (move d. mix) on the Werks Like a 12" CD, Astralwerks, 1997
die haut_springer deep space network - "assisi machine", Our Choice, 1998
? - "Echtzeit (move d rmx)" on Zu Gast Auf Der Welcome Insel 2X12", Ladomat, 2000
Psi Performer - "art is a division of pain remixed part 1" (move d remix), k2o Records, 2001
Psi Performer - "art is a division of pain remixed part 2" (move d remix)k2o Records, 2001
Process - "re-processed" (move d - infatuation mix), Traum Schallplatten Traum, 2002
Shantel - "o ze" 12-inch/CD, Groove Attack, ?
Ectomorph - "untitled" on  Variations 2-12", Science City, ?
Frederic Galliano - "Plis Infinis No. 4", on F-Communications, ?


Dan Jordan - Slamdunk / Michigan Flake 12", United States of Mars
d-man / move d - homeworks vol.1 12", Source Records, 1995
move d - homeworks vol.2 12", Source Records
robert gordon & david moufang - view to view 12", Source Records
deep space network - heavy days 12", Source Records
jonah sharp & david moufang - reagenz 12", Source Records
ro 70 meets move d 12", Source Records, ?
move d & ro 70 ii 12", Source Records, ?
Move D - Hurt Me 12", Compost, ?
Move D - "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" 12", Fifth Freedom/Soma, ?
Move D / Sutekh - "Split 10"" 12", Plug Research,


Move D - "Amazing Discoveries" on the Space Night - Best of Earthviews DVD, Elektrolux / General Electronic Music, 2001

Silent Release

Special silentrecords.net interview with
David Moufang

How did you meet Kim Cascone and get involved with Silent Records?

As far as I can remember he sent us a fax in 1993 asking for the possibility of licensing Earth II Infinity.

Briefly describe the "ambient" scene during the times you were putting out material for Silent.

Well, it was still the early stage.  There was KLF's "Chill Out" and "Space", the Orb and Pete Namlook and Dr. Atmo released "Silent" around that time (1992).  Also, there was "Speaking In Tongues" by Jonah Sharp and Terrence McKenna.

How has it changed?

It got more commercial on one hand (Jam & Spoon and Cafe Del Mar).  On the other hand there was a trend to more esotheric stuff (whale sounds, chants, etc...).  Also, there is a new vibe in ambient music what I call the msp vibe - super minimal stuff - I think Kim is doing that by now... this is very interesting!  I would like to meet him again (we once did a little unreleased track in his appartment in SF in 1994...)

Is there any unreleased material from the Silent period?

I don’t think so.

Do you have a favorite Silent release?


Any plans on re-releasing the Silent material?


What are you up to now?

Celebrating the tenth label anniversary with our label Source Records.

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