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Formed in 1993, Makyo (a term used in Zen Buddhism to refer to a world of confusing and seemingly mystical hallucinations that one can fall into during deep meditation) came about from a fascination with the exploration if inner space and the nature of our society.  Incorporating Eastern philosophies of sound and spirituality into the whole spectrum of 90's electronica.  One of the first "zen dub" projects and still one of the best.

At the heart of Makyo is founding member Gio, who writes all the music and plays most of it.  Before Makyo, Gio spent the early 80's in Kyoto, Japan studying Zen and playing in hardcore punk bands.  Gio moved to Taipei and then Boston where he joined the experimental noise cassette trading underground (alongside many other early Silent Records artists).  It was during this time that Kim Cascone may have stumbled across the name Gio for the first time.  During this period Gio played in "psychedelic Branca-influenced guitar ensembles” and DJed a free-style radio show on WZBC.

Makyo was formed in 1993 and released their first track on the Planet Dog Records compilation "Feed Your Head".  After a series of compilation appearances, Makyo released their first full-length album on Silent Records in 1996 (Rasa Bhava, SR9606).  According to the liner notes for Rasa Bhava, Makyo was Gio and Ikeda with Kamigashima on guitar for onetrack.  An important contribution to this album came in the form of a remix by Bill Laswell. 

Kim had already been familiar with Makyo and, after a visit to San Francisco by Gio, decided to release a full length.  Unfortunately, this was during the time that the label was being sold, and by the time the CD came out, Raul had control of Silent Records.  Many feel that, even though this album was released after the transfer of ownership, this is still a Kim Cascone release.  Rod Modell's Waveform Transmission CD is the other release that fits this category.

Makyo released 3 more full-length albums and has appeared on such labels as Planet Dog, Law and Auder, East-West, Interchill, Transient, Six Degrees, Return to the Source, and Dakini Records as well as recording with Natacha Atlas!  Gio became a regular on Tokyo's club scene doing mostly chill-out rooms.  He has appeared with the likes of Mixmaster Morris, The Orb's Alex Patterson, Ken Ishii, Haruomi Hosono, Tsuyoshi, Underworld, Solar Quest, and more.  He is currently running the popular Dakini Nights nightclub and Dakini Records label in Japan and spends his days writing as a film critic.  He still DJs and Makyo is still active.

Makyo Discography


Makyo - Rasa Bhava, Silent Records, 1996

Makyo - Shringara, World Domination, 1999

Makyo - Shringara, Dakini Records, 1999 *includes CD single "Devadasi"

Makyo - Vismaya, Dakini Records, 1999

Makyo - Yakshini, Dakini Records, 2001

Tracks on other CDs:
Makyo - "Dakini" on Feed Your Head, Planet Dog, 1994
Makyo - "Mahakala" on From Here to Tranquility vol. 4, Silent Records, 1994
Makyo - "Devabandha (second coming)" on From Here to Tranquility vol. 5, Silent Records, 1995
Makyo - "Devabandha (tantrik laswell mix)" on East-Westercisms, Law & Auder, 1997
Makyo - "Devabandha (tantrik laswell mix)" on ASANA, Douglas, 1997
Makyo - "Chandan (langorous mix)" on Summer Of Rainbow, Rainbow 2000/East-West, 1997
Makyo - "Drupak" on East-Westercisms, Law & Auder, 1998
Makyo - "2/1" on Minimalism, Law & Auder, 1998
Makyo - "Vismaya (edit)" on Earth Dance, Transient, 1998
Makyo - "Pura (short edit)" on Ambient Meditations 1, Return To the Source, 1998
Makyo - "Skin As Soft As Moonlight" on Interior Horizons, Interchill, 1999
Makyo - "Second Gate of Dreams" on Ambient Meditations 2, Return To the Source, 1999
Makyo - "Tantrika" on Sky Dancing, Dakini Records, 2000
Makyo - "Ghost Echoes (edit)" on Ambient Meditation 3, Return to the Source, 2000
Makyo - "Erzulie (Phantom Remix)" on Funky Samosa, Interchill, 2000
Makyo - "Suzhou River" on Suzhou River remix EP, Uplink, 2001
Makyo - "Erzulie (Phantom Remix)" on Sky Dancing 2, Dakini Records, 2001
Makyo - "Behind the Veil (SEVDA remix)" on Sky Dancing 2, Dakini Records, 2001
Makyo - "Clarity (Melting Snow Mix)" on Floatation, Interchill, 2001
Makyo - "Devadasi (Mantra Mix)" on Asian Travels 2, Six Degrees, 2002
Makyo - "Tantrika" on El Divino, label (?), 2002 

12” Singles:
Makyo - "Devadasi (12"/kif mix & sunrise beach mix)", World Domination, 1998
Makyo - "Devadasi CD single (released with the Dakini full-length release of Shringara), World Domination, 1999

Transglobal Underground - "Ali Mullah (Makyo Remix)" on the album Rejoice, Rejoice (Japanese release), Bad News/Nation, 1998

Silent Release

Special interview with Gio

How did you meet Kim Cascone and get involved with Silent Records?

I liked and respected the label, so I went by Bryant St. to meet Kim when I was in SF.  He had already received a demo (“Mahakala”) and liked it

Did Makyo release Rasa Bhava after Kim sold the label to Raul?

Yes, unfortunately.  That’s why his name is on the album as “executive producer” or some bullshit.  All he ever did was pay himself my royalties. 

The label was cool till Kim left.  Raul has racked up a lot of bad karma.

Is there any unreleased material from the Silent period?  Did the track that was dropped to make room for the Laswell mix ever make it onto another Makyo CD?

No.  We might put it up as a free mp3 sometime.

Do you have a favorite Silent release?

”An Endless Searching For Substance” 23 Degrees
“UFA” v/a
“Consciousness III” HMC

Any plans on re-releasing the Silent material?

We re-released once on Entropica.  Maybe again on Dakini in the future, but no plans at the moment.

What are you up to now?

Still recording as Makyo, also as padmasana, dj-ing a lot, and running Dakini Records, where we’re trying to keep that mid-90’s spirit alive.  Any Silent fans should definitely check out the ISHQ album.

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