Tim Hendricks

Ambient Dub!  Before 23 Degrees released “...an Endless Searching for Substance” in 1994 on Silent Records, the term “Ambient Dub” was reserved for the Beyond Label and bands like The Orb.  The Album was a hit and brought attention to Silent and 23 Degrees.  I remember seeing this album appear on many “best of” lists around this time and to this day is still the favorite Silent release of many of the Silent artists.

Formed in the early nineties by Los Angeles DJ Tim Hendricks, 23 Degrees also included Roy Robinson and Bertha Matus.  For all the hype surrounding 23 Degrees, it is amazing to me how difficult it is to find information about them.  Luckily Tim found me after hearing rumours that a Silent Records website was being built.

After the 1995 release, “Born of Earth’s Torments”, 23 Degrees continued to release remixes and singles for Silent Records.  They were also remixed by many other dance/dub artist.  After the label was sold, Tim married Silent Records vocalist Alaura (see SR9575) and moved to Hawaii but managed to continue his ties with the label through his friendship with (then label owner) Raul.  Tim and Roy continue their frienship, however, Bertha has moved on.  Looking back, it is a shame that 23 Degrees only released 2 full-lengths and 7 singles.  A third full-length release (a live performance at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco, 1996) was planned, but Silent folded before it could be pressed.  Nowadays tim spends his time surfing and relaxing in paradise.  He has not completely forgotten music, however, continuing to record and dj as King Kalohe at a local radio station.  Tim also mentions a possible 23 Degrees/Alaura collaboration that is in the works.  Mahalo Nui Loa Tim!

23 Degrees Discography


23 Degrees - ...An Endless Searching For Substance, Silent, 1994

23 Degrees - Born of Earth’s Torments, Silent, 1995

Tracks on other CDs:
23 Degrees - “The End of New Beginnings” on From Here To Tranquility 4, Silent, 1995
23 Degrees - “Turn Me On Dead Man” on From Here to Tranquility 5, Silent, 1995

Silent Release

Silent Release

Special silentrecords.net interview with
Tim Hendricks

How did you meet Kim Cascone and get involved with Silent Records?

I was introduced to Kim Cascone through a Mouse from Daisy Glow. Mouse had done some remixes in our studio and him and the lads had come up with a couple pieces that he then played for Kim. Kim extended and invitation to us to come down to his office and have a sit down. Next thing I knew we we’re on Silent…thank you Kim. If it weren’t for Kim’s interest and encouragement I’m not sure if those recordings music would have been released. Mahalo Nui Loa Kim&Kat.

Briefly describe the "ambient" scene during the times you were putting out material for Silent.

It was primarily an offshoot of the Rave scene. All the music going so fast and with so much thump-thump-thump-thump in it that there was a need for and alternative space at the party where you could slow it down a lickle bit. Also there were some small clubs doing chill nights too. It was a fun time to live in the bay area.

How has it changed?
Well, I don’t play out very much anymore so I don’t think I’m the one to ask. When I went to play in Tokyo a while ago it still seemed pretty much the same.

Is there any unreleased material from the Silent period?

Yea. I did way too many mixes of just about everything that was one those Silent recordings. Choosing what to release was the hardest part of the process during that period. Also during that period I was working with a friend of mine…””…he and I did some really nice things together but it was never released. It’s still sitting in my studio.

What is your favorite Silent release?

Makyo’s “Rasa Bhava” I think that that it was about the best release on Silent during that period. Makyo he’s also a good friend of mine but that’s not my why I choose his record. He’s really good at what he does.

What are you up to now?

I surf…mostly. That was the reason I moved to Maui. Before I made music I surfed. All the time I was involved with music I didn’t surf much. I came to Maui to visit a friend and realized how much I missed surfing. If your going to surf well you have to be devoted to it, it’s not an easy thing to master. Hawaii is one of the best places to be…so here I am. Life is good now…when there’s surf. I’m also working on soundtracks for an independent film company in the Bay Area but my hearts not really into it. I can so I do.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank Kim and Kat for helping 23degrees release our music. I’d like to thank Raul for being such a good friend to me. He was always there when I needed help and he treated me like a brother. But most of all I would like to thank everyone who enjoyed our music. All the aloha I’ve gotten from complete strangers made me realize that maybe what we had done was actually of some value. Mahalo Nui Loa

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